Find the evidence, 
question suspects,
solve the murder.

Meridian Adventure Co. is bringing jubensha to Portland, Oregon!

Dear Portland, are you interested in playing Jubensha, or “scripted murder” games, the tabletop roleplaying murder mystery experience?

For the last year, Meridian Adventure Co. has been working on a new immersive jubensha-inspired game, and it’s opening soon!

Jubensha is an exciting phenomenon with millions of players in China and Korea—and now, it’s in Portland, Oregon.

Sign up above for announcements about our two upcoming games: a pop-up jubensha tabletop game, and an original scripted murder mystery investigation experience hosted in a 1,000 square foot immersive crime scene.

Tabletop Jubensha Games

In the coming weeks, we’re launching a pop-up jubensha scripted murder mystery game in our immersive, highly decorated gameplay space. A professional games master (GM) will guide you and five friends through an officially translated scripted murder mystery. Each of you will roleplay as a character, investigate a murder, and solve the mystery.

Immersive Murder Mystery Investigation Game: 1 Mystery Ave.

In early 2024, we’re introducing a permanent installation of 1 Mystery Ave, an original murder mystery investigation game. This new concept has been in the works for nearly a year and we are excited to introduce this project to the city of Portland, Oregon!

In 1 Mystery Ave, you and your team will investigate an immersive crime scene set filled with clues, find the evidence of the crime, interrogate the suspects, and solve the murder.

A famous video game streamer has been found murdered.
Who killed him, and why? You’ll uncover the solution at 1 Mystery Ave.

What is jubensha?

Jubensha, or “scripted murder”, is a murder mystery game. Players examine clues, talk about the case, and uncover the truth to discover the identity of the murderer.

Jubensha games can be played as an in-person tabletop roleplaying game like Werewolf or Blood on the Clocktower, with a professional games master (GM) facilitating the game, or can take place in a physical set with multiple rooms, as seen in the television shows Crime Scene and Who's the Murderer.

In the United States, jubensha has seen a sudden surge of interest thanks to a video from People Make Games covering the genre's popularity in China.